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Improving the Customer Statisfaction Scores for the Marina del Rey Marriott

September 28th, 2009 by Chris Fox

Marina Del Rey Marriott

The Challenge - The Marina del Rey Marriott arrival score ranked 43rd out of 46 hotels at the end of 2008.  Local management was not pleased with this mediocre result and they approached us with a challenge to help them improve their ranking.

Our Solution - After a series of meetings with the “front” of the property staff including doormen, valets and bellmen, we devised and implemented new guest hand-off procedures to ensure comprehensive and consistent coverage at the “front” of the property.

The Results - As a result of our program, the Marina del Rey Marriott is currently ranked 8th out of 46 hotels on the arrival score metric.  Plus, the staff is doing a better job of working together and they feel more empowered based on increased feedback from guests and management.

Here is what Doug Smith, Assistant General Manager at the Marina del Rey Marriott, has to say about the drastic improvement:

“The Minuteman Parking team has done a fantastic job focusing on the customer, and dramatically improving our customer satisfaction scores. They have created an arrival experience that exceeds our customer’s expectations.”

Specifically, the Minuteman solution included:

  • Upfront meetings - The upfront meetings were moderated by the local Minuteman Parking onsite team and were essential to identifying the root causes of the low arrival score.
  • Daily training huddles - The training huddles were used to get the team together to discuss the service initiative for the day.  While these meetings did not take very much time, they serve to set the tone for each day and get the team focused on delivering superior service.
  • Toys for kids - During the Summer months when many people are traveling with children, we started handing out small toys to customers with children.   The toys included “Bob the Bear” for children which is a Marina del Rey teddy bear and an arrival gift bag for families which included a Marina del Rey Marriott beach bag with a bucket, shovel and sun screen.  These simple gestures went a long way towards making customers feel good about choosing Marriott as their hotel option, and eased the challenges of families traveling with children.
  • Shortened valet shifts - The shortened valet shifts provide Marriott with more available attendants during peak times which serves to minimize wait times for customers arriving and departing the property.  We are providing the same amount of labor, but with more resources for certain peak time periods.
  • Tracking - To measure the effectiveness of our training, we started tracking how many different attendants in the front used each customer’s name.
  • Vision - Now the entire staff has the same vision how superior customer service should be delivered for the Marina del Rey Marriott, and they are working together to achieve that goal.

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