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September 2010 Safety Topic: Safe Path of Travel, It’s your Choice

September 1st, 2010 by Treavor Bramwell


Is safety your choice? Whether you want to believe it or not, it is your choice.


You may ask, how can I use a safe path of travel while at work? Well, the answer is … DO NOT take SHORTCUTS!  It is each employee’s responsibility to use the safe path of travel that has been outlined at each location at all times.  In order for Minuteman Parking to help employees avoid potential injuries, there needs to be reciprocity.  We provide the path, you follow it! Some examples of safe paths of travel are:

  • Using the sidewalk NOT walking through the grass
  • Going around guard rails and chains NOT hopping over them
  • Stopping at stop signs while driving NOT rolling through
  • Making U-turns in appropriate areas NOT wherever there seems to be space
  • Using pedestrian crossing NOT darting out in traffic

What can happen if I do not take the safe path of travel?  Along with potentially endangering your co-workers and our guests, YOU can get injured as well! If you get injured for not using the safe path of travel, who made the choice to take that short cut? It is your choice to follow the safety procedures that Minuteman Parking Company has given you and it is your choice whether you willfully violate proper procedure or do what is right! If you choose not to make the right choice you are decreasing the likelihood of remaining free from work related injuries.  We want our employees to maintain healthy injury free bodies so we can continue to provide exceptional service to all of our guests!

Make the right choice!


Stay safe and make the right choices to keep you and your team members safe!

Minuteman Parking Company went 83 days free of work related injuries until 8/20/10.

Minuteman Parking Company is currently 12 days free of work related injuries.

Can we make it 100 days or more free of work related injuries? We can do it!







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