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October 2010 Safety Topic: Be Aware of the Environment That Surrounds You

October 5th, 2010 by Treavor Bramwell



A Near Tragic Incident Involving a Valet and a Parked Vehicle


A Valet was retrieving a vehicle during the busiest part of the day and in the mist of all the parking, pulling and stack parking of vehicles surrounding him, one of his fellow teammates parked a vehicle on an end cap. It is normal at this particular location to park on end caps to maximize the space in the valet lot. While the Valet was rushing to retrieve the vehicle, he did not notice that the end cap was parked on and hit the vehicle head on as he was turning to drive out of the valet lot. The Valet walked away with minor injuries and the vehicle had minor scratches, but had his teammate still been parking the vehicle he struck, the damages could have been far worse. This entire accident could have been prevented if the Valet retrieving the vehicle was paying close attention to his work environment.


Minuteman Parking Company would like to take a moment to ask everyone a simple question, Are you aware of your ever changing work environment? 

We want you to think about and be aware of your work environment while you perform your daily tasks and we want to stress the importance of driving smart. Here are some questions to ask yourself while you are working:

·        Are there vehicles parked where they are not supposed to be?

·        If I am stack parking, am I stacking cars in a smart manner?

·        Do I need to make a wider turn to get in or out of the garage?


As we go into the winter months, Minuteman Parking Company also wants to make sure that all of our employees are aware of what effects a seasonal change can have on work environments. Everyday our environment can change. Whether it is due the sun getting in your eyes, rain hailing from the sky, or snow layering the once smooth surface of the ground, all of these factors can lead to a work related accident if no precautions are taken.  We want you to be aware of the factors the change in weather can play in work related injuries and vehicle claims. Here are some things to think about while at work:

·        Is there sun in your eyes when you enter or exit a valet lot?

·        Is the ground slippery due to rain, snow or ice?

·        Do the tires of vehicles seem to be gliding?

·        Do you have enough grip on your shoes?

·        Are the brake pedals wet?


As you go through your day to day operations, we want you to pay attention to the things that may go unnoticed during environment changes and remind you to use extreme caution to better protect yourself, your teammates, visitors, and guests form potential hazards.

At some locations we are dealing with construction. Being aware of construction zones is pertinent for everyone’s safety and a necessity in order to minimize hazards.  While construction is taking place, your work environment can change in a matter of minutes. Taking extra precautions and making sure you slow down in all construction zones whether you are walking, running, or driving is essential.


If you have any questions on what factors can change your work environment, please see your Manager. We want to ensure that every day you are at work you are safe. If you are off for a couple of days and come back to work and something looks different, ask your Manager or Driveway Ambassador if there have been any changes in your safe path of travels, driving routes, or in other areas surrounding your work space.

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