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November Safety Topic: Blind Spots are Everywhere

November 3rd, 2010 by Treavor Bramwell

One morning a valet was pulling a vehicle from the valet lot. As he was driving out of the garage he did not stop at the stop sign for pedestrian traffic. As he drove out of the valet lot the vehicle struck a fellow team member who was walking on the sidewalk into the garage to clock in for his shift. The valet who was walking to clock in for work was seriously injured and had to be transported to the emergency room. The valet that was pulling the vehicle knew the purpose for the stop sign being at the exit of the garage was because the sidewalk could not be seen from inside the valet lot. The stop sign was a safety measure to prevent a pedestrian from getting hit by a vehicle leaving the valet lot. This accident could have been prevented if the valet would have stopped at the sign and looked for any pedestrian traffic at this blind corner of this location.


Blind spots are everywhere! It doesn’t matter what job duties you perform, you need to be aware of all blind spots. In the story above, the blind spot was caused by the parking garage. There is a sidewalk that runs along the side of the garage and the valets all know to obey traffic signals, stop before exiting the garage, and look both ways for pedestrians. In other parking garages we have blind spots as you drive in the parking areas. Whether blind spots are due to sharp turns in the garage or the ramps that lead to another level of the parking garage, valets need to remember to use their mirrors because once you are in a vehicle safety should be your number one concern.


Minuteman Parking Company has put in safety measures at your locations to help prevent accidents from happening in areas that have blind spots. We have put stop signs in areas where you may or may not be able to see a guest or patient. We have installed mirrors so that you can see an oncoming vehicle as you are parking or pulling a vehicle. We have also put mirrors on some of our self parking booths so that you can see if a vehicle is approaching the booth so you do not walk out of the booth and get hit.


While the company does want it can with our clients to put safeguards in place to expose the blind spots, we cannot control the HUMAN part, which comes down to YOU.  YOU must obey the stop signs and look so that someone is not hit.  When we have mirrors installed, YOU must take the time to look in the mirror for someone in the way of your vehicle.  Safety and avoiding injuring others still mostly comes down to YOU being alert at all times when in a vehicle doing your jobs.

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