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September 2011 Safety Topic: Jump Starting Vehicle

September 15th, 2011 by Treavor Bramwell

When is it is okay to jump start a vehicle and when is it not okay to jump start a vehicle?

·    Minuteman Parking Company has made it a standing policy to never jump start a vehicle. We ask that you contact your Manager or Driveway Ambassador and have them contact AAA for assistance.

What if I can’t get in touch with AAA and I guest say’s it is okay for me to jump start their vehicle?

·    In the rare cases where a Minuteman Parking Company employee must jump start a vehicle, the following is needed:


o   A Clear understanding of how to jump start a vehicle by the DA or Manager offering the assistance. Only a Manager or DA is allowed under these circumstances is authorized to assist a guest.

o   Jumper Cables in good conditions

o   The Guest MUST sign the “Request for Auto Service Waiver” that acknowledges that Minuteman Parking Company is not responsible for any damages that may happen while we are assisting them.

As an employee of Minuteman Parking Company it is not responsibility to assist with Auto Service of any kind. We do not claim to have special expertise to offer auto road services. Our expertise is in valet services, shuttle services and parking management and not auto repair. Employees who do not know how to jump start a vehicle can be seriously injured and do extensive damage to a guest’s vehicle. If you do not get the proper documentation from a guest before you jump start a vehicle, we the company can held liable for injuries or damages to the vehicles involved if something goes wrong.


Use your common sense and Stay Safe!


Things You’ll Need

·         Jumper Cables

·         Rag

·         Flashlight

·         Booster Car


1.       Determine that a dead battery is the reason your car is not starting. If the engine cranks when you turn the key, the problem is not the battery and jump-starting will not help. If the windshield wipers, lights, and heater blower all work, the battery is probably, fine and you may have a bad starter. A jump-start will not help if you have a bad starter. If you hear no sound, at all when you turn the key or if the engine cranks very slowly and the accessories do not work, then you have a dead or low battery and it is time to break out the jumper cables. You will need a flashlight if it is dark outside.

2.       Find someone with a running car that can give yours a jump.

3.       Open the hoods on both cars and determine where the batteries are. Park the booster car (the one that is running) so that the batteries are adjacent.

4.       Turn off the booster car.

5.       Attach the red jumper cable’s end to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Use a rag to wipe the battery clean if you cannot see the Pos or plus (+) sign on the battery. The positive terminal is always slightly larger than the negative one.

6.       Attach the other end of the red cable to the booster battery’s positive terminal.

7.       Attach the black jumper cable’s end to the booster battery’s negative terminal.

8.       Attach the other end of the black jumper cable to a ground on the dead car’s engine; any solid metal part works fine. You may see a small spark when you attach the last end. This is normal.

9.       Turn on the booster car and rev the engine.

10.    Turn on the dead car. If it does not start, you may have a poor connection at any of the four cable ends. Jiggle each cable end and try starting the car again.

11.    Once the car starts, disconnect the cables in reverse order of attachment: negative, negative, positive, positive.

12.    Keep the engine running on the jumped car for at least 20 minutes or longer so the alternator has sufficient time to recharge your battery.







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