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Wheaties and Minuteman Parking

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 by Tom Humbarger
So what’s with the all of the Wheaties boxes in the Minuteman Parking offices?

Some of Minutemans Extensive Collection of Wheaties Boxes

Some of Minuteman's Extensive Collection of Wheaties Boxes

If you get a chance to visit the offices of Minuteman Parking, you cannot miss the extensive collection of Wheaties boxes.  According to the history of Wheaties on Wikipedia, Wheaties was created in 1922 as a result of an accident by a clinician at the Washburn Crosby Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Washburn Crosby later became the General Mills company.  In 1934, Wheaties began a practice of putting pictures of athletes on their boxes as a way to go along with their “Breakfast of Champions” slogan.  Since then, hundreds of athletes and teams have been featured on Wheaties boxes.

In this short interview, Minuteman Parking President Chris Fox explains why he collects Wheaties boxes.

Q - How many Wheaties boxes are in your collection?

A - Over 300.

Q - Do you have any favorites?

A - I like all of the ones depicting a Boston sports Championship.  The Celtics and Larry Bird boxes were the first ones that I ever bought.

Q - When did you start collecting Wheaties boxes?

A - I got my first Wheaties box in the mid 1980’s and I really started to get a lot of new ones when people began to sell them on EBay.

Q - How does the Wheaties message about the “Breakfast of Champions” resonate with Minuteman Parking?

A - Wheaties is one of those old American brands that are synonymous with success.  The only people or teams that they put on the box are Champions (they also usually only sell them in the geographical area of the winner on the box).  You don’t get on a Wheaties box if you come in second place.  Here at Minuteman Parking we know that there is no room for second place.  The guy who comes in second does not get the contract or keep the customer.

I ask you, how do you get to be a champion?  My answer would be through commitments; commitments to excellence, to others, to self and to your own integrity.  To have a successful career or relationship, one must make and keep commitments.

Would how you live your life qualify you for a Wheaties Box?  If not, now is the time to change.

Thank you Chris for sharing your passion and insights - and if you’re visiting Minuteman Parking anytime soon, don’t forget to bring your bowl, spoon and milk!

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