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A Win-Win for Minuteman: Bridging the Way for Teens into Minuteman Jobs

Friday, December 9th, 2011 by Dan Curtin

Minuteman Parking Company has been a proud participant of the Bridges from School to work program since 2005. The Bridges program assists disadvantaged youth by developing their skills and assisting them in finding gainful employment. At Minuteman, employees referred to us by Bridges have worked in various HR and Operations related capacities in our corporate headquarters.

Our initial connection with the Bridges program came through one of our clients, the Marriott Corporation, with whom we partner with at a few of their premiere properties. The Marriott Foundation was established in 1989 by the family of J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott. The Foundation’s resources are solely directed to the operation and expansion of Bridges, with the goal of literally bridging the gap for teens from school to adulthood and work. Since 1990, The Marriott Foundation has worked with more than 16,500 young people; preparing them for vocational success and helping them find and maintain employment.

Bridges serves two key purposes in our community. First, to provide candidates with career guidance coupled with competitive work to enhance their employment potential; and secondly, to help local employers gain access to a valuable sources of pre-screened and qualified employees. Clearly this is a win-win proposition for the youth and the employer. The Bridges program works with participating candidates for 18-24 months, giving young people the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed through a project that involves employers, schools, and other community resources and their families. Minuteman has employed four Bridges students over the last six years. Two of our Bridges success stories are Adam Burg and Chris Walker.

Adam Berg

Adam Burg

Adam Burg worked for Minuteman for almost two years from 2006 into 2008. He had a learning disability that did not get in the way of him being an excellent employee, nor stand in the way of a successful career. Adam was the Student of the Year award winner at the 2008 Bridges Employer Recognition event and has been featured in Bridges promotional videos for potential employers. Adam left our employment to start an academic program at UCLA.

Chris Walker

Chris Walker

Chris Walker was placed with Minuteman Parking in September 2010 as the Office Administrative Clerk in the HR department and he remains a valued employee. His duties have expanded to include maintaining the appearance of company vehicles and managing the warehouse, where uniforms and supplies are stored and disbursed to our field locations. Chris is a very busy young man. Aside from working for Minuteman, he attends West LA College, continuing his education, and is also very active in sports. He has trained with the school’s Cross Country team this semester and hopes to join the track team and/or the football team in the upcoming year.

We are understandably proud of our participation in the Bridges program, and our young proteges, Adam and Chris. Minuteman is committed to offering more opportunities to Bridges students in the future. We obviously receive a great return on our investment by offering employment to Bridges students. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in such a valuable and worthwhile program.

More information on the Bridges program can be found at: