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Minuteman Goes Green

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 by Kelly Harris

At Minuteman, we love everything green- especially living green and being environmentally friendly! We care greatly about our environment and do our best to practice sustainability and awareness. Our greatest contribution to the planet is our natural gas shuttles and electric company cars.

Minuteman Parking has multiple shuttles and a collection of corporate vehicles that run purely on compressed natural gas (CNG). This is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel, and propane and is a more environmentally clean alternative. CNG is much safer than gas in the event of a spill because natural gas is lighter than air so it disperses quickly when it’s released. CNG does not increase the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere, and can be used in traditional gasoline engines that have been converted to bi-fuel.

We also have several carts at our properties that are global electric motorcars (GEM). Our little GEMs are low speed vehicles that are battery electric. They are plugged into outlets for recharging and are completely petrol free.

Although these are minor steps in the big picture, every little bit counts! It is our New Year’s Resolution this year to do more on our part to help save the environment. Here’s to going green in 2012!