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Signs You Need A New Valet Parking Vendor

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 by Chris Fox

At Minuteman Parking, we are passionate about our service and professionalism. Wherever I go, I am always on the lookout to see how other valet parking companies operate – and it always amazes me what I find.

Here are just a few telltale signs illustrated by some pictures we took recently while conducting some competitor research:

Are your valets inattentive and do they look uninterested in customer services? You only get one chance at making a great first impression for your property. To provide a jumpstart on this first impression, Minuteman Parking requires all attendants to remain posted and standing at all times to create a positive and friendly atmosphere. We also create a personalized script to greet guests and visitors so that everyone is greeted courteously and consistently. All of our associates are always in a proper and professional uniform and they do not wear sunglasses unless medically necessary.

Inattentive Valets Provide Poor Customer Service

Inattentive Valets Provide Poor Customer Service

Minuteman Associates Are Always Attentive and Professional

Minuteman Associates Are Always Attentive and Professional

Are your valets using cell phones while on duty? If your valet attendants are using cell phones while on duty, they are not providing their full attention to making a favorable impression for your property. At Minuteman Parking, our associates are instructed to never use cellphones while on duty.

Valets Should Not Use Phones On Duty

Minuteman Associates Never Use Phones On Duty

Are your valets eating on duty? How can associates provide exceptional customer service when their mouths are full or their fingers are greasy? Minuteman Parking has a strict “no food on duty, period� policy. We enforce a policy of eating only while on assigned breaks and only in designated areas.

Valets Should Not Eat On Duty

Minuteman Associates Never Eat On Duty

Do your valets follow valet parking best practices? Minuteman Parking sets strict parking procedures that include parking only in designated valet parking areas and backing cars into spaces to make them easily identifiable and to reduce the risk of accidents. On on-site manager or shift leader periodically patrols our parking areas to ensure compliance and reinforce procedures on a daily basis.

Minuteman Follows Valet Parking Best Practices

Minuteman Follows Valet Parking Best Practices

Minuteman Parking takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. In fact, we have established our 10 Commitments to Excellence that is ingrained in everything we do:

  1. Enthusiasm is the fuel of great service.
  2. Honesty & Integrity: Each individual is responsible for his/her own actions.
  3. Greet every guest with a warm welcome and bid them a fond farewell.
  4. Teamwork builds trust, support and forms us into a cohesive unit.
  5. Workplace knowledge of your job and area enhances the guest experience.
  6. A positive attitude reflects well on you, your department and your location.
  7. Common courtesy is expected everywhere; in the hospitality business it is essential.
  8. Respect of our guests, yourself and your teammates reflects in your job performance.
  9. Professional behavior ensures our guests that they are in good hands.